ATHENS (Excluding Women At The Thesmephoria)

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    • Isaeus, The Ciron Extract
      • THE IMPORTANCE OF LEGITIMACY - introduction to the phatry   - included in the Thesmephoria- father shows off her (wines and dines with friends)
      • THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPERTY  - the reason the family have gone to court
    • The Poisoning Trial, Antiphon
      • WOMEN SHOULD BE FEARED         - refers to mother-in-law as Clytemnestra - she has been caught in the act of planning murder before - killed father at a religious service
      • IMPORTANCE OF LEGITIMACY - takes her to court as wants to inherit oikos over other sons now father is dead
    • Euphiletus and Eratosthenes
      • FEARS OF LOSING CONTROL OF WOMEN   - lets lover in as husband lets her sleep downstairs after baby is born                 - lets her wear makeup and lock door on him                   - she sent messages at a religious service
      • THE ROLE OF 'FLAGRANTE DELICTO' IN DECIDING THE COURT CASE              - has witnesses         - finds lover in wife's bed
      • IMPORTANCE OF LEGITIMACY  - states that affair began after their child had been born (Pericles Citizenship Law)
      • HUSBAND AND WIFE ROLES            - Husband = 'normal, hard working with flaws' (affair with slave girl - Wife = restricted but lively and enterprising
    • Socrates and Ischomachus
      • IMFORMATION ABOUT AN UPPER CLASS MARRIAGE    - wife was 14  - received a large dowry - girls kyrios chose marriage on her behalf       - could cook, weave and be guided by husband         - all about having kids in old age
      • PURPOSES OF MARRIAGE AND THE ROLES OF HUSBAND AND WIFE      - "yoke" = agricultural metaphor to control wife      - oikos carries on through marriage          - sees wife as needing to be trained
      • COMPARISON OF WIFE TO A QUEEN BEE                 - wife fulfils a similar role in the home/hive = had to organise the slaves and send their children to work
      • IDEAS ON MAKEUP FROM A MALE PERSPECTIVE                   - Ischomachus says it is artificial and distracts from natural beauty = wife obeys    - she must keep standards up = has to compete with slave girl for husbands attention
    • Apollodorus, Against Neaera
      • IMPORTANCE OF LEGITIMACY - Timanoridorus and Eucrates in Corinth sell Neaera off when they get wives (protect oikos)           - Phrastor throws Phano out               - Theogenes throws Phano out               - Outcry that she takes part in religious services = the Thesmephoria and with the Virgins
      • THE LIFESTYLES OF PROSTITUTES         - Neaera lives recklessly with Phrynion - sex and partying         - Gets corrupted by luxury = one reason she can't get work in Megara is because she's too extravagant   - Blackmails lovers when living with Stephanus     - Daughter, who is not a true Athenian, is married off to to two citizens - one being the King Archon


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