Aristotle and Business

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  • Aristotle and Business
    • Moral Virtues
      • People can develop virtues in business such as; Courage, Patience, truthfulness
      • ROBERT SOLOMAN - Said virtues such as honesty, courage, integrity, charm, wittiness etc. are essential to business
      • MACINTYRE - Virtues have no place in business. The virtue concept is at odds with the acquisition of profit
      • Aristotle sees having too much ambition as being an excess but is it needed in business?
    • Intellectual Virtues
      • Skills developed are a prerequisite of a life in business e.g. technical skill, scientific knowledge, practical wisdom and intelligence
      • JENNIFER JACKSON -  Development of virtues like truth and justice help a person to run a successful business. Business also helps you to develop virtues
    • Community
      • A business is a community in which people spend much of their working lives
      • A business may be an important part of the wider community e.g. jobs, funraising
        • Mining, Clarks Village, Bournville
      • JENNIFER JACKSON - Business is a way of bringing people together in a community and allowing them to aim towards a happy life
      • DOBSON - Aristotle's idea of the community is at odds with business since it is overly concerned with profit
    • Friendship
      • People forge long lasting friendships in business
      • Friendship plays an important role in creating business links and maintaining contacts
      • Utility Friendships aid production


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