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Business Ethics
Links to environmental ethics
A2 Ethics…read more

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Business Ethics
It is becoming increasingly more
important for a business to be ethical
­ it is something that consumers are
looking out for
However consumers are demanding
more out of businesses in modern day
­ is it possible to keep up with these
demands and still stay ethical?…read more

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Relationship between Consumer and
Even though producing a profit is a common aim for most
businesses it should not lead to the exploitation of their
Businesses should also consider their social responsibility to the
customers ­ this is because businesses can have a huge influence
on people, not just their stockholders
This is why there is legislation to protect the rights of the
consumer ­ it ensures that the businesses are not giving out
misleading information and exploiting the consumers
It is important to adhere to these legal requirements otherwise
consumers will lose faith in the business…read more

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Relationship between Employee and
Businesses should not exploit their employees
There is much legislation to prevent this from happening in
developed countries such as The Health and Safety at Work Act
Employees are commonly the last group of shareholders that are
considered however companies such as John Lewis are known for
treating their employees well
It is important to keep employees happy to ensure that work is done
However in under-developed countries many workers are exploited
(child labour ) because the companies know that these people have
no other choice but to work in order to live…read more

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Profit or People?
For multi-national businesses it is very common
to put the profit in front of the employees
An example of this is when a business stops
using staff in the UK and instead uses a cheaper
labour force in India
Keeping the cost down in more important that
their employees
Ted Snyder believed that profit should be the
primary concern of the business. They should try
to be socially responsible to the employees but
that is only a secondary concern…read more

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Whistle Blowing
This is when an employee discovers that the business
they are working for does immoral or illegal actions and
decides to report it
Forces the employee to decide whether to stay loyal to
the company or to report the activity. It could have an
affect on their livelihood if they chose to report the
activity and may affect their future employability
The most common example of this is when employees
discover that the business is manipulating figures in
order to gain more stockholders
There is now a law to protect whistle-blowers…read more

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