About the man himself, His 4 causes and the prime mover!


About Aristotle

  • Aristotle was a pupil of Plato! 
  • He was a greek philosopher 
  • He wrote a book called the 'Metaphysics'.
  • He was a Dualist meaning... the body and soul live WITHOUT each other.
  • Aristotle didnt agree with Plato that there was another world more real than this one (earth)
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Aristotles 4 causes!

  • Aristotle tried to show that we needed to look at why things exist!
  • He started looking at the structure of how things are created
  • He didnt say nature was designed, but he said that there must be a reason for why i is the way it is!
  • He believed there were 4 CAUSES for why a object exists they are......... 

- MATERIAL CAUSE! - Material used to make the object

- EFFICENT CAUSE! - Who or what made it

- FORMAL CAUSE! - The form and structure of it! 

-FINAL CAUSE! - Its purpose 

Example - a statue!  - Material cause - Made of marble

                                    - Efficient cause - Made by a sculpture

                                    - Formal cause - Its a statue

                                    - Final cause - to be beautiful

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Aristotles Prime mover

  • Aristotle said that everything that exists is in motion. 
  • The physical world is always changing and change and motion is always caused by something! He also said that the world is in a state of potenitiality and actuality!

Aristotle that something causes this change in the world and he called it th PRIME  MOVER!!!!

The Prime mover ...

  • Causes change!
  • exists by necessity
  • Is the final cause! 
  • is linked with God!
  • It doesnt change itself


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