Arguments for/against abortion

This mindmap shows the for and against views on abortion

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  • Arguments for/against abortion
    • For
      • The embryo/foetus is just a clump of cells - is at best potential life
      • No child should be unwanted
      • A young girl is not yet ready for the responsibilities of motherhood
      • It is cruel to make a ***** woman go through with pregnancy
      • Aborting a disabled foetus is in the best interests of everyone
      • The right to autonomy - the mother has the right to choose for herself
      • The woman knows what is best for herself and the foetus
    • Against
      • It is wrong to punish a child for it's father's action
      • A young girl is not mature enough to deal with any lasting guilt feelings
      • People cannot make judgments about those with disability's QOL
      • Life begins at conception, when something uniquely new comes into being
      • The right to autonomy should be limited as in this case the mother is making choices for someone else
      • No child need be unwanted - there are alternatives to abortion
      • The woman's emotional state may cloud her judgement




This is a really good mindmap! really useful x



Good mind map thanks

Miss KHP


EXCELLENT MIND MAP on GCSE RE on for and against abortion.

Good for most examination boards.

You can also test youself on here once you have read this information to check your progress.

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