Arguments for/against saviour siblings

This mindmap shows the arguments for/against saviour siblings.

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  • Arguments for/against Saviour siblings
    • For
      • It is an act of compassion towards the child
      • IVF is an acceptable procedure and also a responsible use of God given skills
      • It promotes the quality of life for both children
      • Some Protestant churches accept it, provided the sibling is genuinely wanted for him/herself
      • It is saving life, which is a good thing, so fulfills the sanctity of life principle
      • PGD is a responsible use of God-given skills where where there is a high risk of a serious genetic disorder
      • If the baby is genuinely wanted for him/herself then there is no exploitation
      • The bond between the siblings improves and the saviour sibling may feel special
    • Against
      • Quality of life concerns should  not override the sanctity of life
      • It is a form of exploitation - the Saviour sibling interests and possible wishes do not come first
      • Screening for and destroying 'defective' embryos is killing the embryos
      • The use of IVF is morally unacceptable for the reasons given in the previous section
      • The destruction  of embryos that are not selected breaches the sanctity of life
      • There could be serious psychological and social problems for the saviour siblings if it doesn't work
      • Roman Catholic church and some Protestants oppose it


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