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  • Areas of growth and development
    • Growth
      • describes increased body size such as height,weight
    • Infants reach half their adult height at between 2 and 3 years old
    • Classification
      • involves grouping similar things into a caegory
    • Development
      • involves gaining new skills and abilities such as riding a bike
    • Growth continues into adolescence when there are growth spurt
    • By early adulthood people have reached their full height
    • Development continues throughout life but at different speeds, fast - slow
    • Emotional development
      • describes how people develop their identity and cope with feeling - e.g. developing confidence to try new thing and learn how to adapt to change
    • Physical development
      • describes growth patterns and changes in mobility of the large and small muscles in the body that happen throughout life. e.g. infants begin to walk at around 13 months and can pick up small objects. By 3 years they can pedal a tricycle and draw a shape
    • Social development
      • describes how people develop friendships and relationships - e.g. developing the confidence and skills to join and participate in a group situation
    • Intellectual development
      • describes how people develop thinking skills, memory and language - e.g. being able to learn, remember and recall information


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