Arctic Case Study

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  • Ecological Impacts
    • Spruce Beetle
      • More beetles can survive in higher temperatures and mature faster
      • Trees that lived in balance with beetles, don't have enough natural defences
    • Tree lines
      • Vegetation Zones shift northwards
        • Destabilies existing food webs
      • Longer, warmer seasons will benefit Arctic agriculuture
        • Soil will be a limiting factor
    • Boreal Forest Fires
      • Increase in number of extent of Northern coniferous fires
      • Boreal ecosystems account for 37% of the worlds carbon pool on land and are efective
    • Tundra Ecosystems
      • Increase in forest vegatation
        • Replaces Arctic vegetation effecting local ecosystems
      • Increase in fires due to Global Warming
        • Impact on habitats
    • Arctic Food Chain
      • Species will shift north with forest
      • Changes in river pattern will have effect on freshwater fish
      • Spread of new species
    • Polar Bears
      • Will decline/ become extinct
      • Hunting season will decrease
  • Places
  • Environment
  • People
  • Sub Regions


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