The Arctic Case Study

Including social, egological and environmental impacts 

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  • Case Study: The Arctic
    • Environmental
      • 2004-2005 there was a 14% loss of Arctic Ice
      • 40% Permafrost thaw predicted
        • Will release methane which will harm atmosphere
      • Can lead to increase in new species (eg. The Spruce Bark Beetle)
      • Increase in freshwater can disturb Arctic conveyor belt which can lead to massive impacts in Europe
    • Ecological
      • Change in river patterns can cause the fish to suffer (eg. Arctic Char and Lake Trout)
      • The warmer river means that marine plants will decrease, meaning smaller fish have less to feed on. This can impact animals higher up the chain (eg. Polar Bears and Seals)
      • Melting of ice decreases hunting season for polar bears. They can't hunt on the ice for seals so they can't feed their babies. This could eventually lead to extinction.
      • Biome shift as Tundra moves further North and coniferous forest takes its place
        • Could lead to invasion of alien species
    • Social
      • Enhanced marine fisheries due to introduction of cod.
      • Melting ice means it will be more accessible for marine shipping, however land-based transport will be disrupted due to thawing permafrost
      • Polar bears may begin to raid houses
      • May lead to decline of food security


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