AQA Anthology: Power and Conflict key quotations

These key quotations are from the Power and Conflict cluster in the AQA Past and present: poetry anthology for exams from 2017.

I made this for my own revision purposes but hey, sharing is caring.

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  • AQA Anthology: Power and Conflict
    • Ozymandias
      • "Collosal wreck"
      • "The lone and level lands stretch far away"
      • "And sneer of cold command"
    • London
      • "Near where the chartered Thames does flow"
      • "Every black'ning church appalls"
      • "Blights with plagues the marriage hearse"
    • The Prelude
      • "A huge peak, black and huge"
      • "With trembling late I turned"
      • "And were a trouble to my dreams"
    • My Last Duchess
      • "That spot of joy"
      • "Half-flush that does along her throat"
      • "I gave commands:then all smiles stopped altogether"
    • The Charge of the Light Brigade
      • "Into the Jaws of Death/Into the mouth of Hell"
      • "Theirs but to do and die"
      • "Left of six hundred"
    • Exposure
      • "Sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence"
      • "But nothing happens"
      • "Our Brains ache in the merciless iced east winds that knive us"
    • Storm on the Island
      • ""We are prepared:We build our houses squat"
      • "Spits like a game cat/turned savage"
      • "Strange, it is a huge nothing that we fear"
    • Bayonet Charge
      • "His terrors touchy dynamite
      • "Threw up a yellow hare that rolled like a flame"
      • "Bullets sampling the belly out of the air"
    • Remains
      • "Pain itself/the image of agony"
      • "End of story,except not really"
      • "and he's torn apart by a dozen rounds"
    • Poppies
      • "released a song bird from its cage"
      • "leaned against it like a wishbone"
      • "All my words flattened, rolled and turned into felt"
    • War Photographer
      • "Spools of suffering set out in ordered rows"
      • "A hundred agonies in black and white"
      • "Axstrangers features start to twist before his eyes, a half-flush ghost"
    • Tissue
      • "with living tissue raise a structure never meant to last"
      • "Paper thinned by age or touching"
      • "the kind you find in the back of well-used books, the back of the Koran"
    • The Emigrée
      • "my city hides behind me"
      • "Like a hollow doll, opens and spills a grammar"
      • "My shadow falls as evidence of sunlight"
    • Checking Out Me History
      • "but dem never tell me 'bout Mary Seafood"
      • "Blind me to me own identity"
      • "Dem tell me  what dem want to tell me"
    • Kamikaze
      • " and enough fuel to make a one-way journey into history"
      • "they treated as though he never existed "
      • "he must have wondered which had been the better way to die"


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