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  • Antarctica (tourism)
    • Cruises last between 7-14 days, others climb mountains or walk to south pole. Over flying antarctica lets people see the continent
      • Conservationists believe no more that one tourist vessel should be at landing site,
      • Ships with over 500 people should be discouraged.
    • Concern is how to protect wlderness while giving people   experience of its beauty
      • Tourism will lead to degradation of environment and should be stopped although everyone has legal right to visit.
    • more that 37000 tourists in 2006, 14% increase since 2005
    • with careful management - ensured the fragile env. has remained relatively unexploited.
      • Countries such as the UK and Argentina have renewed their claims
      • Global warming is said to be having a measurable and negative impact on the fauna of the North Peninsula & tourism looks to be continuing to grow
    • The challenge for many stakeholder in Anarctica will be to balance their competing interests and ensure a sustainable future for the continent
    • Reasons for visiting:
      • To photograph spectacular scenery and wildlife
      • to view heritage locations e.g. Scotts hut
      • To travel to a new destination and experience being intrepid
      • Trekking, Mountaineering, Kayaking or scuba diving
      • To learn more about wildlife and being close to it


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