Antarctica & treaty

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  • Antarctica characteristics
    • The remotest continent on earth
    • The coldest, windiest and least populated continent on earth
    • The smallest continent with a land area of 7 million square kilometers
    • It has a giant ice sheet (around 2000 metres thick) that stores about 70% of the earths water
    • Driest place on earth
    • Home to penguins, seals and algae
  • Antarctic Treaty
    • Tourism has to follow the rules of the treaty
    • In 1961, many countries promised to make Antarctica a nuclear test and the disposal of radioactive waste free zone
    • Antarctica should be used for peaceful purposes only
  • Pressure and management issues on Antarctica
    • Falling numbers of krill
      • Important Antarctic species depend on krill
      • The overharvesting of krill could have a serious effect all the way up the Antarctic food chain
    • General over-fishing
      • Several species of fish, such as the Antarctic icefish have been over fished
    • Increasing levels of tourism
      • Since the early 1900s, the number of tourists visiting Antarctica has increased from 5000 to over 35000 a year
      • Most travel by ship and increasing numbers are going ashore to take photographs and enjoy activities
      • In 2009, Antarctic Treaty agreed to limit the number of tourists allowed to go ashore


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