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Antarctica Case Study
Facts and Figures

Largest wilderness area on earth,
Covers 14 million km squared so it is larger than Europe.
90% of ice on earth.
70% of earths fresh water supplies.
The Antarctic ice sheet covers most of the landmass all year round.
The highest continent,
o With…

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No native people
o No one can claim the land causing conflict.
Development would be devastating on the fragile environment
Antarctic treaty was set up in 1961
12 countries agreed to set aside disputes over who owns Antarctica and come up
with laws to protect.
Treaty includes protocols and conventions…

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o For example no more than 100 passengers are allowed on shore in one place
at a time
o Only one ship allowed at a landing site at a time
Not everyone thinks tourism should be allowed
The number of tourists has increased in 2006, 37,000 tourists visited Antarctica


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