Animal rights

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  • Animal Rights
    • Difference between humans and animals
      • most religious believers believe that humans are superior to animals but animals should be respected
        • they believe that God made them to be of value and support humans
      • human reason
        • humans are able to make choices  using knowledge and opinions
      • animal instinct
        • Animals base what they do on the best way to eat, reproduce and survive
    • laws and rights
      • in the UK animals are protected by multiple of laws all to protect them from cruelty and neglect
        • animals able to be kept as pets are limited for example it is illegal to have a monkey as a pet
        • cosmetic testing is illegal and medical testing is closely regulated
        • fox hunting and dog fighting is illegal along with both the ivory and fur trade
        • there are also strict regulations involving transport of animals and slaughter
      • there are groups and organasiations around the world that work to protect animals
        • animal welfare groups
          • groups that work to raise awareness , monitor and protect animals and their treatment
            • RSPCA and WWF are examples of these groups
        • animal rights groups
          • these groups believe that animals should have similar rights to humans
          • these groups often protest and write to parilement campaigning
            • sometimes they can become violent and extreme and can target companies and people wrong doing animals or breaking into labs and releasing animal
      • religious views
        • it is not taught that animals are the same as humans and should be treated the same but that they should be protected and respected
        • Stewardship:Humans do not own the planet but have a duty to care or it
        • God created the world and all of its inhabitants
    • religious believes about animals
      • Jesus spoke about the value of each individual creature
      • Christians believe they have a duty to care for every living thing
      • animals have feelings anda purpose those who are cruel to them will answer to Allah
      • shari'ah law gives guidance on how to treat animals
      • Both Christians and muslims believe that the world was created by God/Allah and should be looked after
    • wild animals being kept in captivity
      • religious view
        • most accept zoos if the animals are kept in the right conditions and are cared for especially as they prevent extinction through breeding programs and research
    • useful animals
      • pets
        • pets are often seen as part of a family and can prevent loneliness in those that live alone
        • most religions do not forbid pets but believ they should be treated wwith care and respect
          • Muslims believe that animals should not be kept in a confined space or learnt to do tricks so don't normally have pets
      • transport and work
        • all over the world animals are used for transport and work
          • farm, sniffer and guide  dogs are examples of working animals
          • horse and donkeys have also ben used for transportation
          • recently it has been discovered that animals can offer therapeutic help to autistic children and elderly/sick people
        • neither Christians are mulims are against animals working or used for transport but believe they should be looked after
          • Muslims believe that they should not be beaten or over worked and given appropriate amounts of food and drink
    • Animals for food
      • Farming
        • Factory Farming
        • Free Rage Farming
      • slaughter and transport
        • in the UK animals are stunned and then slaughtered
          • both methods should be carried out by a trained official iin a registered slaughter house and is closely monitered
        • Muslims have a different way Halal were the animals neck is cut with a sharp knife
          • both methods should be carried out by a trained official iin a registered slaughter house and is closely monitered
        • The RSPCA suggest animals are slauhted in the nearet slaughter house to where they were raised
          • as many animals die in transport because of overcrowding nd lack of facilities


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