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      • Hinduism
      • christianity
        • 'i give you everything that lives and moves for food'
        • Humans are more important- they have a soul and were created in the image of God.
          • 'All humans are made in the image of God'
        • GM cloning is playing god as you are changing how a creature is created.
    • FOR
      • christianity
        • 'good people take care of their animals'
        • 'Fill the earth and subdue it; rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground'
        • Noah was asked to take 2 kinds
        • RSPCA- founded by a christian in 1824, working for a world where all humans respect and live in harmony with all members of the animal kingdom.
      • Hinduism
        • causing suffering to an animal gives you bad karma
        • Ahimsa+ avoid harming any living being/creature.
        • Brahma (the supreme being) is in every living being so all should be treated with respect.
        • Hindus are vegaterian
      • Islam
        • 'If you kill anything bigger than a sparrow without just cause, Allah will hold you accountable' (Hadith)
        • halal- humane way of killing an animal.


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