Battle for births and grain

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  • Battle for Births & Battle for Grain
    • Battle for Births:
      • Main Features:
        • Increased size of families so that by 1950s Italy would have a population of at least 60m
        • Believed that current low birth rate and population of 40m was detrimental to the goal of becoming a world power
        • Germany and Russia were much bigger. Military strength would be boosted by a larger popluation
        • Would create competition for employment and keep wages and labour costs low, also increased number of consumers.
        • Programme started in 1926-average family size 12, exempt from tax if they had 6+ children
      • Strengths
        • Tax reductions and loans for families with large numbers of children
        • Fathers of large families given better career opportunities e.g. promotions and employment in govt jobs
        • Health provision for women and children improved
      • Weaknesses
        • Bachelors blocked from promotion and taxed more
        • 1933-quota introduce to limit employment of women in public sector to 10% of workforce. Later extended to medium and large private firms
        • Policy had little success as Italy's birth rate cont'd to decline and marriage rate fell
    • Battle for Grain:
      • Main Features:
        • To help in Italy's drive for autarky by producing more wheat
      • Successes:
        • 50% rise in wheat production-particularly in fertile Po Valley in Northern Italy
        • Fascists provided grants to farmers to encourage introduction of modern farming techniques
      • Weaknesses:
        • Although self-sufficient in crops, not self sufficient in fertilisers which were necessary for high yields
        • Meat and egg production declined-imports for it rose.
          • As a result, prices rose and living standards declined, as did quality of Italian diets.
        • 1933, Italy still dependent on foreign imports with 500 million tons of imports still taking place in that year


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