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  • Ancient World
    • Pre-Historic
      • No Government people live nomadic lifestyle's
      • Primitive tools such as flints
      • No language, tools or education of medicine
      • Religion = Belief of the spirit world
        • Spirits cause diseases and illnesses. Cures restricted to supernatural charms and amulets
      • Trepanning = An early form of surgery to release evil spirits from the skull
    • Ancient Egyptian
      • Religion =  The god Sekhmet caused and cures epidemics
      • Used hieroglyphic writting and trade to share medical knowledge
      • Believed human body contained niles and if they became blocked it caused illnesses. Illnesses also caused by rotting food
      • Prevent and treat illnesses by herbs, potions charms, regular baths and mosquito nets.
      • Factors that helped:             -Trade                   -Specialist doctors             -Writing                    -Religion                   -Nile and farming
    • Ancient Greece
      • Asclepius cures you when you sleap in his temple
      • Four humours  and hippocrates making it popular through his writing
        • Yellow bile, black bile, blood and phlegm
      • Hippocratic oath and his careful observation
    • Ancient Rome
      • Galen expanded on theory of four humours, tried to cure diseases
        • Relied on theory of opposites
      • Galen wrote many books, read for centuries. His ideas were approved by Christianity so were accepted .
        • Galen was able to dissect  bodies in Alexandria, Also belived in observing and recording symptoms.
      • Public health systems introduced by the government, include: sewers, aqueducts, public baths, public toilet.


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