Socio-economic essay plan

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  • Analyse the policies implemented by the government to solve a socio-economic   issue.
    • (Paragraph 1) P: Health inequalities/ 80% SA's cannot afford priv med care/ rely on public funded hospitals.
      • E: Policy - National Health Insurance/ primary, secondary, specialised  e.g teritairy   /quaternary regardless of income
        • Ex: SA Largest antirevorial  treatment programme/ combats HIV & AIDS/ increased life expectancy 5 years
          • A: still inequality/ leaning towards advancement in private sector/ experienced doctors/price inflation/ shows  better healthcare is too expensive
    • (Paragraph 2) P: Housing inequalities/ unofficial settlements placed areas of pov/ leaves poor SA's live in shacks.
      • E: Policy -  reconstruction and development/ helped 2.3 million housing units become available sincw 1994
        • Ex: SA managed achievement of spending 16b on new houses in undeveloped areas of SA
          • A: still inequalirt/ number of unfinished development risen 1.5m 1994 to 2.1m/ left SA's without proper shelter
    • (Paragraph 3) P: Education inequalities/ 1 in 10 black SA qualify for uni/ 5% pupils end up degree.
      • E: South Africans School Act/ education compulsory regardless race/religion
        • Ex: 8m SA's in no fee education/ government succeeded universal access for children's primary education
          • A: still inequality/ 2/3 state schools no libraries or computers/ 20% state schools libraries, 7.5% have books/ children in state school still have inequality.
    • (Paragraph 4) P: Unemployed inequalities/ SA's born black household more likely no access clean water/
      • E: Policy - Black Economic Empower-ment/ 2003 economic empowerment wanted 40% bussiness owners on Johannesburg Stock exchange - black/ private sector 30% businesses black owned
        • Ex: unemploy-ment rates 35% 1994 to 26.7% 2016/ linked to BEE
          • A: still inequality/ unemploy-ment rates rose 3.4m 1994-2014/ 2/3 unemployed were young., black SA's


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