an inspector calls - socialism vs capitalism

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  • An Inspector Calls Themes (socialism vs capitalism)
    • This play is set in 1912 in which had a very strong class system, which people stuck to. society was generally capitalists however this benefited the upper classes more than the lower.
    • In a capitalistic society the upper class invested in and owned all means of production & distribution of goods, and the lower classes were those of whom worked for these companies earning a very small amount.
    • This meant that few people in society held all of the wealth and power.
    • At the start of the 20th century people started to revolt as they belived that it should be a more equal society- the lower class people wanted better working conditions
    • In the 1920's/30's the Great Depression hit
    • Priestley was a socialist who believed that people in society should look after one another especially the ones who needed it most like the lower classes.
    • Priestly also believed that the class system should end.
    • Through this play Priestley wanted to show that people in society needed to change, the upper classes needed to stop obsessing over power and wealth & we needed to care more for one another.
    • An Inspector Calls was written in 1945, set in 1912, just before the outbreak of WW1 IN 1914.
    • Priestley believed selif people caused wars.
    • Throughout the play Mr Birling is made to look foolish as all he cares about is his obsession with capitalistic  ideas
    • Priestley uses dramatic irony to make Mr Birling look like an idiot, for example when he was promoting how there is never going to be a war and the titanic will not sink.
    • priestley exposed how capitalistic attitudes can hurt individual people and how they can effect their lives.


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