An Inspector Calls-Context


An Inspector Calls Context 

Men Vs Women:

  • Men = Leaders of the house, they were superior (Mr Birling, Gerald, Eric)
  • Women had fewer rights than men 
  • When the play is SET, women cannot vote 
  • Higher class women were expected to marry 
  • Wife or daughter would never argue or answer back to husband or eldest son 
  • Women were subservient to men 

Socialism Vs Capitalism:

  • In England 87% of the countries money belonged to 5% of the population 
  • Capitalism: Trade industry is controlled by private owners. Buisness owners keep their profits rather than distributing equally (Mr Birling, Mrs Birling, Gerald, REMEMBER: Gerald has moments of socialism when his truth is revealed, only to back to hid old ways at the end)
  • Socialism: Poorer members of society should be helped by those who have more than them.


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