Conflict on the plains

A mind map to revise the conflict in the american west between the native americans and the white settlers.

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  • Conflict On the Plains
    • 4 phases
      • 1803-1851 The permanent Indian frontier
        • The Indian removal act 1830
          • Eastern tribes move across the line
      • 1851-1867 Concentration of native american land
        • The fort laramie treaty 1851
          • The government gave the Indians parts of land 'for all time'
      • 1867-1875 Native Americans on smaller reservation
        • The treaty of medicine lodge 1867
          • Agreed to move to Oklahoma, redo the fort laramie treaty
          • The government promised they would provide food and medicine
      • 1855 Opening up native american territory
        • Oklahoma land run
          • Government made the land available to be settled on
    • Attitudes to Indians
      • Negotiators
        • Wanted to talk to the Indians and come to a agreement.
      • Exterminators
        • Wanted to 'get rid of the Indians', kill them all.
    • Wars!
      • Little Crow's War 1861-1862
        • What did the settlers gain?
          • Men and Women died, 7,000 settelers killed, Land.
        • Causes
          • No crops (dead), Lived on credit, No cash payment, No food.
        • What did the Sioux gain?
          • 2,000 santee sioux captured, 303 sentenced to death, put onto reservations.
      • Red Cloud's War 1865-1868
        • What did the Settlers gain?
          • were attacked
        • Causes
          • Mining towns opened on their land, No government help.
        • What did the sioux gain?
          • Lots were killed, were given the reservation, Treaty, Divisions amongst the sioux
      • The Great Sioux War 1876-1877
        • What did the settlers gain?
          • Gold, The black hills.
        • Causes
          • Treaty was broken, Refuses bribe.
        • what did the sioux gain?
          • Lost the reservation (black hills)
    • Government attitudes
      • 1.Separation
        • They tried to separate the Indians from the homesteaders and ranchers.
      • 2.Concentration
        • They were confined to one piece of land.
      • 3.Reservation
        • placed the Indians on an area of land that was poor in quality and unwanted.
      • 4.Destuction
        • This destroyed the Indians way of life; nomadic lifestyle, food source and tribal culture.


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