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A View from the Bridge:
1) "the law has not been a friendly idea since the Greeks were beaten" Alfieri page 4
Standard code of honour/justice (idea of achieving personal revenge) and not working within
the legal system in the culture they live in (Italian-American)
Could be used to foreshadow further events in the play (a Greek tragedy; fall of the
Alfieri is introducing the audience to the context/main theme of the play
2) "and watched it run it's bloody course" Alfieri page 4
Alfieri is foreshadowing future events in the play (Eddie's death) due to rejection from/betrayal
to his community who have a strict moral code
Greek tragedy
Literal ­ Eddie gets stabbed (Alfieri being relatively explicit)
3) "Remember, kid, you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a
word you gave away" Eddie to Catherine page 14
Ironic coming from Eddie, foreshadowing future events (Eddie reporting the cousins)
"kid" treating Catherine as a child (repeated use, Eddie trying to reinforce this idea [hide is
inappropriate feelings] although this attitude changes further on in the play)
Commas around "kid" create a pause/highlights this
4) "Don't burn yourself' (just in time she blows out the match)' Eddie/Catherine page
Catherine lighting Eddie's cigar for him (sort of thing a wife would do for a husband)
Cigar is displayed as phallic imagery (incredibly inappropriate) the use of the phallic imagery
suggesting there is something sexual between them (alternative, homosexual)
Patriarchal household
5) "I want to be an American" Rodolfo page 19
Could prove that all Rodolfo wants from Catherine is a green card
He is aspiring for the American dream
[American Dream] Rodolfo is stuck in Brooklyn/stuck with the tight community and their views
which he doesn't necessarily share (island/not connected to New York apart from by the
Brooklyn Bridge)
6) "When am I gonna be your wife again, Eddie?" Beatrice to Eddie page 24
Suggesting they are no longer sexually active/intimate (suggest feelings for
Catherine/homosexual feelings)
Would have been shocking for an audience to hear (draws attention/significance to the issue)
Important factor in the storyline
"Eddie" much more personal/explicit (Beatrice is almost begging him)
Patriarchal household ­ Eddie has all the power within the relationship
7) "You're a baby, you don't understand these things" Eddie page 6
Eddie is patronising Catherine suggesting she is naïve and immature
Eddie's trying to keep Catherine under his control
As the play progresses and Catherine begins to break free from Eddie/grow up, Eddie opinion
begins to change (next quote)
8) "You're a big girl" Eddie to Catherine page 27
Catherine is telling that she has grown up
Catherine is talking about going to the pictures with Rodolfo in New York
The crossing of the bridge into New York represents Catherine growing up and enters the world
9) "walk around in front of him in your slip" Beatrice to Catherine page 30
Beatrice one of the first characters to be explicit and address feelings towards Eddie/Catherine
Could be trying to manipulate Catherine as she addresses the situation in quite a calm way
Immortalises/degrades Catherine
Miller doesn't display Beatrice as weak and unimportant
Could be displaying jealousy for Catherine (Marco/his wife)
10) "His eyes were like tunnels" Alfieri (about Eddie) page 31

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Could show he can read Eddie/see through him (feelings for Catherine)
Repetition (Eddie has stay consistent throughout the play whereas other characters have
Alfieri acts as the bridge between characters/audience (is informing the audience of Eddie's
emotions in a way the Eddie himself is unable to do)
Could represent the bridge in the play's title (familiar with real world outside of red hook)
11) "Put his filthy hands on her like a goddam thief" Eddie to Alfieri (about
Rodolfo/Catherine) page 35
Eddie believes…read more


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