Why did Roosevelt win the Presidential elections?

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  • Why did Roosevelt win the Presidential elections?
    • Why did Hoover lose?
      • In 1932, in the presidential election, Hoover offered only the hope that the USA would soon 'turn the corner' back towards prosperity,
      • The American people wanted a positive approach to the Depression and voted for Roosevelt and won in 42/48 states which was the biggest victory ever,
      • Roosevelt offered a New Deal for the American people and promised action to provide employment and relief,
      • The Republican Government believed in 'rugged individualism' so that people could sort out their own problems
        • This means Hoover's Government didn't try to improve the situation as much as they should of,
      • Americans blamed Hoover for the depression
        • They talked of 'Hoover leather' which was cardboard soles and 'Hoover blankets' which was newspapers,
        • Resentment turned to violence and marches and demonstrations by unemployed people often turned to riots
        • 'In Hoover we trusted, now we are busted'
    • Why did Roosevelt win?
      • He was the Governor of New York in 1928-32 so was known for listening and then acting,
      • He created the impression that he would act as he used the radio and spoke of the need for the Government to help the 'forgotten man.'
      • He made whistle-stop tours across America and promised action and giving new hope,
      • He was full of enthusiasm and charisma,
      • He was the democratic candidate,
      • He made it clear he would use the Government to act and would also co-operate with big businesses,
      • When he was accepted as candidate for the Democratic Party, he said 'I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a New Deal for American people,
      • He had already tried to intervene and improve the economy by increasing income tax to proved an extra $20 million for Emergency Relief Action - winter 1931,
    • The size of victory
      • Roosevelt won in 42/48 states in the USA which shows he has the majority vote,
      • He received 57% whereas Hoover received 40% of voted,


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