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  • Alfieri
    • Narrator
      • "as good a man as he had to be" [E]
        • guides the audience
        • guides our views and mirrors our reactions
      • "You wouldn't have known it"
        • breaks 4th wall
        • engages audience (directly addressed)
        • distances audience (breaks suspension of disbelief)
    • Creates Foreboding
      • "bloody course" -- "that one's name is Eddie"
        • links Eddie with blood
        • immediately distrust E
      • "my first thought  was that he had committed a crime"
        • builds suspense
        • his love is a crime?
    • Inciteful
      • "But sometimes.... there's too much [love].. and it goes where it mustn't"
        • unable to say what he means- taboo
        • obvious to everyone or A observant
      • "it is better to settle for half, it must be"
        • E gave himself 100% and A can see the beauty in taht
        • see's the beauty


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