Alfieri - A View From The Bridge

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  • Alfieri
    • Wise & Intelligent
      • Alfieri: (crosses to behind Marco) No, Marco. You’re going back.
        • advises Marco to stay away from Eddie,  not to fight and to be a civilized American
    • Respected by some, feared by others
      • (The two pitchers nod to him as he passes)
      • Alfieri: ...We’re [lawyers] only thought of in connection with disasters, and they’d rather not get too close.
    • Respects the law
      • Alfieri: Now we are quite civilized, quite American. Now we settle for half, and I like it better
        • This means that they no longer resolve feuds by violence like Al Capone did, they're American so they 'settle for half' of the justice they actually want
      • Alfieri: You have no recourse in the law [to Eddie]
    • Conflict within him between traditional Italian ways and civilized America
      • Alfieri: ... And so I mourn [Eddie] – I admit it – with a certain…alarm
      • Alfieri: Only God makes justice.


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