Alexander III: Overview

Alexander III Key Sections:

Revolution and War


Life of the People

The economy

Structure of Government

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  • Alexander III
    • Life of the People
      • Russification of national minorities e.g. imposed the Russian language
      • In 1881, he lowered redemption payments and  abolished compulsory purchasing of peasant plots
      • In 1882, he founded the Peasant Land Bank and limited the hours of women and children in factories
      • Abolished poll tax in 1886
      • in 1891, 20,000 Jews were evicted from Moscow
    • Revolution and War
    • Opposition
      • Several assassination attempts but died of natural causes in1894
    • The Economy
      • Imposed heavy duties on imports and as a result saw the first surplus in 1992
      • Introduced higher degree of frugality and accounting in state finance, liquidating the budget deficit
      • Construction of the Trans-Siberian railway began
      • "When the Russian Tsar fishes, Europe can wait"
    • Structure of Government
      • Announced no intention of limiting autocratic power and cancelled his father's plans for a representative assembly
      • Tightened censorship
      • Believed in a special destiny for Russia, free from Western reforms
      • His reign became known as national autocracy
      • Limited the Power of the Zemstvo


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