Alexander III Ruler of Russia Overview

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Alexander III Overview

Reign: 1881-1894 

Alexander III became the new Tsar after the assassination of his father. This therefore meant that he led a more oppressive rule, as he was concerned for the stability of the Romanov dynasty due to increased opposition.




  Agriculture & Economics

Land Bank

-Created in 1882 to allow peasants to buy their own land.

-Extremely high rates of interest of over 8.5% meant it was rarely used.

-Abolished the peasant’s poll tax in 1886 to improve investment.

-One of the few reforms Alexander III attempted to expand, however it had extremely unrealistic expectations of the peasantry’s income, thus it was ineffective in terms of stimulating agriculture or economics.


Opposition/Repression & Representation

-Further opposition, led to 150 members of the People’s Will being arrested as they threatened Alexander’s rule.




-Had a reactionary rule and thus clamped down on publications.

-Newspapers would receive warning and then would be submitted for editing before publication if they


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