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  • Alcohols
    • General Formula
      • CnH2n-1OH
    • Rules
      • All alcohols contain an -OH group. You need to know the first 4 in the homologous series.
        • Methanol
        • Ethanol
        • Propanol
        • Butanol
      • The basic naming system is the same for alkanes - but replace the '-e' with '-ol'
      • Don't write CH4O instead of CH3OH - it doesn't show the -OH functional group
    • Properties
      • They are flammable. They undergo complete combustion to produce carbon dioxide and water.
        • E.G.
      • Methanol, ethanol, propanol and butanol are all soluble in water. Their solutions have a neutral pH
      • They also react with sodium. One of the products of this reaction is hydrogen
      • Alcohols can be oxidised by reaction with oxygen to produce a carboxylic acid. See carboxylic acid mind map


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