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  • Agoraphobia
    • Definition
      • The DSM defines agoraphobia as 'anxiety about being in places or situations where escape is difficulut or in which help may not be available in having a predisposed panic attack.
      • These places are often fear of public places: being outside, being home alone, being in a crowd, travelling in a bus or train.
    • Agoraphobia with panic disorder
      • People with agoraphobia are prone to panic attacks in public places. Panic disorder phobics fear phobic places because they are likely to induce a panic attack.
    • Prevalence
      • 2.7% at one time suffer from agoraphobia
      • Life time risk of 5%
    • Onset
      • Generally in adulthood.
      • More prevalent in females
      • People with agoraphobia can be clingy and dependent and have often experienced separation anxiety. (Gittelman and Klein 1984)


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