aggression- Institutional within

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  • Aggression- Institutional
    • Within an institute
      • 'The importation model' Irwin and Cressey (1962)-impersonal factor- Prisoners bring their own social histories and traits with them which affects their adaptation
        • Suggests behaviour is due to a few 'bad apples' and not the situation
        • Aggression in prisions is due to the personalities of the individual inmates rather than the situation they have been put in
          • What about schools, care homes and the Army??
      • 'The deprivation model'-situational factors.Paterline and peterson (1999)- agression may be due to stressful and opressive conditions of the institution such as overcrowding
        • Sykes (1958) outlined 5 deprivations
          • Deprivation of liberty- they're not trusted in society, numbers and uniforms, have to ask to do something
          • Deprivation of autonomy- prisoners have no power and few choices, told what to do, helplessness --> frustration
          • Deprivation of goods and services- 'no stuff', made to live in near poverty
            • Culture bias
          • Hetrosexual relationships- straight men find females as part of identity, homosexual behaviour=anxiety
          • Security- fears for their own safety, violent and aggressive-threat- aggression
        • Matthews et al (1979)- showed that an increase of people in prison cells increases aggression to a point BUT if you keep increasing the people then aggression decreases


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