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Institutional aggression

Institutional aggression Involves aggressive/violent behaviour that exists within, and may be a
defining feature of, a certain institution or group such as a prison, the armed forces or schools etc.

AO1 ­ Situational / deprivation model
­ Dispositional / Importation model

2 Studies

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institution does influence aggression in individuals who other wise are not aggressive [ie
zimbado's Stamford prison.] Therefore the importation model is not valid in explaining all
institutional aggression.

Secondly the study is deterministic, implying that if someone has shown aggressive
behaviour before entering the institution, they will act aggressively within…

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Strength of the deprivation model is that there is a lot of research support. For example,
Richards examined assaults in 900 US prisons and found that particular areas of the
institution actually decreased levels of aggression compared to others. This supports the
deprivation model as it suggests that the characteristics…


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