Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration mindmap

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  • Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
    • Aerobic
      • body needs glucose and oxygen so it can release energy
        • glucose and oxygen react together to produce carbon dioxide + water
          • glucose + oxygen --> carbon dioxide + water + ATP
      • energy from AR is needed for processes in the body e.g building proteins, sending messages through nerves etc
    • anaerobic
      • anaerobic respiration is respiration that doesn't require oxygen
        • therefore not as efficient due to less energy being released
      • you breathe deeply after exercise to get rid of lactic acid in the blood
        • oxygen debt is the amount of oxygen needed to break down the lactic acid in blood
          • muscle cells produce lactic acid
    • ATP
      • adenosine triphosphate
      • ATP is a molecule that carries energy within cells
      • product of cellular respiration
        • cellular respiration with the presence of oxygen is aerobic respiration


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