MS1 Advertising

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  • Advertising
    • Burton's devices of persuasion
      • Lines of appeal
    • Maslow's hierarchy of needs
    • Target audience
      • Young and Rubicam's 4C's (cross cultural consumer charateristics) Mainstreamers, Aspirers, Succeeders, Reformers
      • Other segmentation (ABC1) psychographics
    • Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
    • Brand image, brand identity
      • The celebrity as the brand e.g David Beckham and a a global brand = co-branding which is promoting more than one brand
        • Dyers star as a commodity/ ideology/ construction
    • Marketing strategies - techniques, competitors, budget, high production values
    • Celebrity endorsement
      • Unique selling point (USP)
    • Anchorage
      • Soft sell
        • hard sell
          • copy text
    • Slogan
      • Use of language eg. Metaphor, simile, assonance, alliteration, sibilance, imperatives, superlative, emotive
    • Advertising is all about turning a desire into a need
    • Representation in the adverts
      • Any stereotypes? Gender roles? Cultivated views? ect
    • Any evidence of the narrative
      • Binary oppositions
    • Hot spots. Any where your eye is drawn to specifically?
    • Placement of advert i.e magazine or billboard ect
    • Intertextuality (any links to other media texts)
    • Anchorage via the slogan


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