Act 3 Scene 7

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  • Act 3 Scene 7
    • Context
      • It was fashionable to speak French, and Marwood reflects this because she is an upper-class woman
        • "Why this wench is the PASSE-PARTOUT"
    • Theoretical Concepts
      • Grice's Maxims
        • Question  quality of Marwood's term of endearment as she goes on to say her affair with Fainall is over
          • "My friend Fainall"
    • Spoken Language Features
      • Address terms
        • The formal use of a term of address may represent her loss of affection for Fainall
          • "Well, Mr Fainall, you have met with your match"
    • Rhetorical Devices
      • Rhetorical Questions
        • Marwood uses them to create tension and suspense
          • "Is it thus with you? Are you become a go-between of this importance?"
      • Euphamism
        • Marwood uses a sexual euphamism to say that she doesn't desire Fainall. Already had too much of him.
          • "Your loathing is not from want of appetite, then, but from a surfeit"
    • Structure
      • Soliloquy
      • Tension created as Marwood is truly established as an antagonist and now has the means to ruin everything
      • Element of surprise. Lady Wishfort distracted the audence from Marwood in the closet


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