Acceleration and Velocity

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  • Acceleration and Velocity
    • Acceleration is how quickly your speeding up. The change of velocity in a certain amount of time
    • Deceleration is just negative acceleration (slows down)
    • Velocity- Time Graphs
      • Gradient= acceleration
      • Flat sections represent moving in a straight linr at a constant speed
      • The steeper the gradient, the greater the acceleration or deceleration
      • Uphill sections (/) are acceleration in a straight line
      • Downhill sections (\) are deceleration in a straight line
      • The area of any section of the graph (or all of it) is equal to the displacement (distance) travelled in that time interval
      • A curve means changing acceleration
      • Negative velocity means that the object is travelling in the opposite direction
      • Speed-time graphs are similar to velocity-time graphs but ignore direction
      • You can calculate acceleration but only if the direction of movement doesn't change


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