AQA P2.1 (Time graphs etc)

Heres a slide show about the graphs and distance-time and velocity- time etc etc

Trouble is the higher tier is pretty hard to show on a powerpoint :P so don't use this for ALL ur revision, ain't enough there ahaha (i wish there was lool)

Good Luck **

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AQA P2.1…read more

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Distance-time graphs
We use distance-time graphs to help us show the
motion of a object (body)
The Y axis shows the distance between the
object and the start
The X axis shows the time taken…read more

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Constant High Speed
Stationary Body
Constant Low Speed
Time…read more

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The slope on the graph shows the speed, the
steeper the gradient the greater the speed
We can calculate the speed of the body by using
the equation:
Speed = distance / time
The unit is m/s D
SxT…read more

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Velocity and acceleration
The velocity of a body is its speed in a given
If the body changes direction its velocity will
When the velocity changes, we say it accelerates…read more

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To calculate acceleration, the equation is:
Acceleration = Change in velocity
time taken for change
The unit for this is m/s²
If the answer to the equation is negative, the
object decelerating (slowing) down…read more

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PP presentation containing advice on axis and formula needed for this subject area.

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