Speed, Velocity  and Acceleration

Summary of Acceleration, Speed and Velocity Including Distance-time and Velocity-time graphs

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  • Speed, Velocity  and Acceleration
    • Velocity
      • Velocity = Distance / Time
        • You must give a direction
      • Simply is the speed of something in a given direction
      • Velocity is given in m/s but ...
        • You must give a direction
      • On velocity -time graph, objects travelling at a constant are represented by a straight line
        • Acceleration is represented by a line slopping upwards
        • Deceleration is found by a line slopping downwards
        • Increasing acceleration is represented by a curved line
    • Speed
      • Speed= Distance / Time
      • On a distance-time graph a stationary object is represented by a straight flat line
        • Objects traveling at a constant speed are represented by a slopping line
    • Acceleration
      • Acceleration = Change in Velocity / Time Taken
      • Acceleration is when an object is going faster
      • Deceleration is when an object is slowing down
        • Acceleration is when an object is going faster
      • The units for Acceleration is m/s^2


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