A.C. 2.1 + 3.2 - Describing and Evaluating Biological Theory (UNIT 2) (4)

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  • A.C. 2.1 - Describe Biological Theories.
    • A.C. 3.2 - Evaluate Biological Theories.
      • Advantages
        • Usually nothing is manipulated only measuredAlso usually takes place in a natural settingStudies usually ethical and valid
        • Perfect control for genetic inheritance studiesMZ twins share 100% DNA. DZ twins share 50% DNAEffect of nature vs. nurture can be studied effectively
        • More multiple births taking place Replicate findings of twin studies with other sample of other cultures
        • Concordance rate between siblings, as twin nature is biological link
        • Christiansen (1977) - supports that criminality does have a genetic component
      • Disadvantages
        • Twin studies are often case study style Lack of generalisation
        • Difficulty in getting a large sampleDifficult to get twins with exact requirements
        • Twins not always exposed to same environmental influences MZ twins are more likely to be treated the same than DZ twins
        • Very deterministic and it does not represent the population due to the small number of twins compared to whole population
    • Twin Studies
      • Looks at the 'concordance rate' between twin siblings, many studies suggest concordance rate in higher in 'Monozygotic' twins than 'Dizygotic' twins.
      • Monozygotic - identical twins share 100%  DNA
      • Dizygotic - non identical twins share 50% DNA
      • suggests that genetics play a greater part in our trait and characteristics
      • Lagne - found higher concordance rate in MZ twins for criminal behaviour.
        • MZ - 13 studies conducted, concordance in 10 studies, the rate was 77%
        • DZ - 17 studies conducted, concordance in 2, the rate was 12%
      • Christiansen - studied 3,586 pairs of twins in Denmark.
        • Male (MZ) - 35% concordance. Male (DZ) 13% concordance.
        • Female (MZ) 21% concordance. Female (DZ) 8% concordance


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