A.C. 2.1 + 3.2 - Describing and Evaluating Biological Theory (UNIT 2) (7+8)

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  • A.C. 2.1 Describe Biological Theories.
    • A.C. 3.2 Evaluate Biological Theories.
      • Advantages
        • Super man, who abuse steroids and testosterone, are linked to having more aggression and urge to commit crime.
        • Research supports the idea that drugs such as Cocaine, LSD, and Benzodiazepine, make individuals more vulnerable, more aggressive, and can lead to committing crime
        • Horace Williams, supports the idea of what happens when steroids are over used and abused.
      • Disadvantages
        • Does not specify age range from the adults and children of the 29 Studies that had been conducted. as children tend to be less aware of what they are doing and what is right and wrong.
        • Does not say who was involved in the studies by Scerbo and Raine either males or females, or children.
        • Androcentric research as testosterone is higher in males and only males where researched
    • Serotonin
      • neurochemical also referred to as Biochemical, chemistry influenced by diet, for example food additives, pollution and hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels)
      • studies show that low levels of serotonin (happy chemical) is linked to higher aggression levels. it is linked to mood and impulsiveness.
      • Scerbo and Raine carried out a meta-analysis on 29 studies into anti-social adults and children,  finding low levels of serotonin in all of them.
    • Testosterone
      • males are often more aggressive than females, male sex hormone, testosterone has been linked to crime such as murder and ****.
      • testosterone is an androgen which produces male characteristics steroids are also linked with the impact of a persons mood.
      • Steroids increase violence (roid rage) as they increase testosterone levels.
      • Horace Williams, an American body builder, beat a man to death after taking 2000 time the recommended dosage of testosterone.


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