Strengths and weaknesses of absolutism

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  • Absolutism
    • Strengths
      • Gives a fixed ethical code/clear moral guidline
      • Judge another culture and act on it.
        • E.g. Holocaust
      • Supports universal laws.
      • Allows for human rights/laws to keep the peace in society
      • Impossible to argue against it.
      • People get on because of shared value. Have something in common.
      • It's easier to apply than relativism
        • Creates a cut off point of what is always right and always wrong
      • In life humans instinctively take an absolutist approach to.
        • E.g. Cruelty to a baby
      • Objective.
        • Right of wrong intrinsically
    • Weaknesses
      • Does not take the situation/circumstances into consideration
      • Intolerant of cultural diversity
      • No account for individual lifestyles.
      • Ignorant of historical developments
      • How do we know what absolute morals are?
        • All sources of morality are open to human interpretation
      • It's a very harsh approach
        • Kant's theory is disliked


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