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A moral judgement that relies on a fixed truth is absolutist
An absolutist rule says some things are basically right or wrong, no matter
what the circumstances
It is deontological and objective
EXAMPLE; Stealing is always wrong, doesn't matter who done it, why they
done it or what culture they live in, its universally wrong.…read more

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It provides a universal code to measure everything against
It enables us to have a UN Declaration of Human Rights
Its easier to apply than relativism
Some things are morally absolute, such as cruelty to innocent people. Most
people would instinctively take an absolutist approach to that kind of
situation…read more

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It doesn't consider different circumstances or cultural attitudes
How does anyone know what absolute morals are?
Not concerned with the motive or outcome of an action…read more

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A moral judgement that takes circumstances into consideration is relativist
because it is related to the situation and not to any fixed rules
No action is good or bad in itself, only by weighing up the whole situation
can a judgement be made
Key thinker Protogoras said nothing was absolutely good or bad, but
everybody decides for themselves according to the time and place in
which they are living
Supporters of relativism point to the modern clash of cultures between
liberal western attitudes and Islamic attitudes towards revealing clothing
or cohabitation. The west regards them as a harmless expression of
individuality whereas Islamic society considers them wrong because they
can lead to immoral behaviour…read more

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Its flexible
It focuses on people
It allows people to take full responsibility
It allows for other cultures…read more

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