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  • Abortion
    • Personhood
      • A  person is a being that deserves protection under the law
        • Murder only applies to a person
      • The point  at which a foetus becomes a person is the point when it is wrong to kill it and is protected by law
      • Definition of personhood?
        • Capable of rational though
        • No longer living off the mother
        • At birth
        • At conception
        • Self aware
      • Marry Anne Warren
        • Sentience, emotionality, reason, communication, self awareness and moral agency
          • Don't need all attributes to be a person
          • Foetus has none of these attributes
        • Foetus is only potential life
      • Gradual change?
      • Ensoulment- 120 days
      • Birth is clearest boundary
    • Sanctity of life
      • Belief human life is God given
      • Special status and worthy of the highest respect
      • 'The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away'
        • All quotes from the Old Testiment
      • For humans to intervene is to play God
    • Potentiality
      • Foetus isn't a person but should be given same status as a person because it has the potential of being a person.
      • Do you include sperm and eggs as potential humans?
      • From the moment of conception?
    • Viability
      • The point at which life is viable, if child is born it is more likely to survive than die
      • This point decreases with medical advances
      • Depends on the quality of medical available  varies country to country.
    • Reasons for having abortion
      • Sex for pleasure not procreation
      • Low child mortality- less need for so many children
      • Foetal adnormalities
      • Failed contraception
      • Mother needs medical treatment
      • Ectopic pregnacy
      • Without means of raising child
    • Pro life
      • Against abortion- life of foetus before that of mothers
    • Pro choice
      • For abortion- choice of mother over life of foetus
      • Judith Thompson
        • Womans choice- she isnt morally obliged to either way
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