A Taste of Honey Key Quotes

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  • A Taste of Honey Quotes
    • Helen
      • "He's got a wallet full of reasons"
      • "Have I ever laid claim to being a proper mother?"
      • "I'll take care of you and see you through it."
      • "Oh Jo, you're only a kid. Why don't you learn from my mistakes?"
      • "I should have got rid of you before you were born."
      • "Pass me that bottle."
      • "Put it on the stage and call it a blackbird"
      • "Pansified freak"
    • Jo
      • "She had so much love for everyone else, but none for me"
      • "I'll kill it. I don't want this baby Geoff"
      • "The time to have taken care of me was years ago when i couldn't take care of myself"
      • "You should have been locked up years ago with my father"
      • "You should prepare my meals like a proper mother"
      • "I hate motherhood"
      • "Why should I do anything for you? You never do anything for me"
      • "We're already married. We've been married a thousand years"
      • "I'm sick of you. You make my life a misery"
      • "for the first time in my life i feel important"
      • "I'm not afraid of the darkness outside. It's the darkness inside houses I don't like"
      • "Big sister"
      • "I'm never at one school long enough to show them anything"
    • Peter
      • "I'm not having her with us"
      • "The world  is littered with women I've rejected"
      • "You can't afford to lose a man like me"
      • "I could throw you out tomorrow"
      • "Shut your mouth bubble belly before I shut it for you"
      • "Lets go for a drink"
    • Geoff
      • "If you don't watch it, you'll turn out exactly like her"
      • "I'd sooner be dead than away from you"
      • "It's alright Jo. I don't mind moving out"
      • "Someone's got to look after you. You can't look after yourself"
      • "It's got something to wear"
    • Jimmie
      • "But I will come back. I love you"
      • "We're saving up to get married"
      • "I adore you"


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