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about the betrayal of havisham by her fiance, who stood her up on her wedding, leaving her a spinster. (not married and never will be)


- Metaphor ''dark green pebble eyes'' no emotion, inhuman. green = jelousy, pebbles = hard

- ''hate behind a white veil'' - she feel she was never loved.

Oxymoron - ''beloved sweetheart *******'' was betrayed by the one she loved. ******* is an angry word, alliteration elaborates her anger.

her feeling in the quote ''beloved sweetheart *******'' sum up her feelings in one, it's a love hate thing, she loves him but hates what he has done to her, love and hate and juxtapositioned with each other.


- 4 Line stanzars, quatrain

-1st stanzar, theme of revenge

-2nd stanzar, describes her life and state of mind

-4th stanzar, ideas of death, themes of violence hatred and marriage


''I STABBED THE WEDDING CAKE'' like the pain of her fiance leaving, or what she would do if she ever seen him again. the love and joy of the wedding cake in contrast with her emotions.

''A LONG SLOW HONEY MOON'' shows her hatred for men, wants something dead. could be a sign of despiration to keep a man - no distractions so the man wouldnt leave her


links with labatory because both the characters have been betrayed and want revenge

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needs work..and it's all over the place. the stuff that's there is awesome though. thanks- really helped **-

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