The Emigree

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  • The Emigree Key quotes
    • "I left it as a child"
      • "Bright, filled paperweight"
        • "City of walls"
          • ‘sunlight-clear’
            • 'filled paperweight’
              • ‘the white streets’
                • ‘tastes of sunlight’,
        • ‘rolls its tanks’
          • ‘banned by the state’
      • "I am branded by an impression of sunlight"
    • "It may be at war, it may be sick with tyrants"
      • "There once was a country// May be at war"
        • ‘the frontiers rise between us’
          • ‘there’s no way back’
          • ‘I have no passport’
            • ‘worst news’
              • ‘at war’
      • "The worst news I receive of it cannot break my original view"


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