A Family Supper

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  • A Family Supper
    • Methods
      • First person narrative - observations only
      • Structured around food
      • Significance of silences
      • Stilted dialogue
    • Themes and ideas
      • Identity
      • Family
      • Past and present
      • Death
      • Grief
      • Honour
      • Loneliness
      • Stereotypes
      • Things not as they seem
    • Context
      • Japan's defeat by America in World War II
      • Americanisation of Japanese business and economic life
    • Quotations
      • "Fugu poisoning is hideously painful and almost always fatal."
      • "My father was a formidable-looking man with a large stony jaw and furious black eyebrows."
      • "My relationship with my parents had become somewhat strained"
      • "You must be hungry."
      • "our conversation since my arrival at the airport had been punctuated by long pauses"
      • "A man of principle and honour. I respected him very much."
      • "Dealing with foreigners. Doing things their way. I don't understand how we've come to this."
      • "Your mother too was always ready to welcome to back - upset as she was by your behaviour."
      • "My sister relaxed quite visibly once he had left the room."
      • "he's making plans to go to America"
      • "Mother never really blamed you, you know...She always used to say to me how it was her fault, hers and father's, for not bringing you up correctly."
      • "He took his whole family with him."
      • "an old woman...She was wearing a white kimono."
      • "the rooms were all startlingly empty"
      • "Perhaps I should have been a more attentive father."
      • "Obediently, my sister rose to her feet once more and returned the picture to the wall."
      • "Not only must they lose their children, they must lose them to things they don't understand."
      • "Just fish."
      • "there was always the final weapon"
      • "There was little conversation."
      • "We ate on in silence."
      • "She had many worries. And some disappointments."
      • "If you wish to stay here, I mean here in this house, you would be very welcome."
      • "We fell silent once more, waiting for Kikuko to bring the tea."


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