Key events in Chapters- To kill a Mockingbird

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Chapter 1- We are introduced to Scout and Jem along with town of Maycomb. Small southern town. Meet a young boy named Dill. Children tell Dill about Boo Radley and how they feel about him. (scared, curious, intrigued)

Chapter 2- Scout starts school and the teacher doesn't like that she can already read. Walter Cunningham is a poor boy who comes to Scout's for lunch as he doesn't have his own. Mrs Caroline trys to offer him money to get some but he refuses as he can't pay it back, Scout tries to explain but gets her mad instead.

Chapter 3-  Scout gets revenge on Walter in the playground by rubbing his face in the dirt until Jem comes to stop her. Walter pours syrup over his food and Scout gets angry at him, Calpurnia scolds her and teaches her that people have different customs. Burris Ewell is in class and sacres Mrs Caroline with his cooties which are headlice, and states that she can't tell him what to do. He only turns up fro the first day of school.

Chapter 4- Scout finds tin foil in a hole in a tree outside Radley place, two pieces of chewing gum were inside, she tells Jem and Jem is angry as she took and ate something from the Radley place. Legend is that it could kill you, they find two pennies in the tree again and then start playing a game where they pretend to be the Radleys. Atticus is tells them off with them making Scout more paranoid about the Radley's.

Chapter 5- Dill and Jem ignore Scout so scout hangs out with Mrs Maudie, learns that she is very nice. She then discovers that Dill and Jem are planning to slip a note into the Radley house, Atticus finds out and tells them meddling with other people's business in wrong.

Chapter 6- Even with Atticus warning them they come up with the plan to sneak inot the Radley lot and look through the window, they do so and see a shadow so run while escaping under the fence Jem loses his pants after getting them caught. Scout is terrorfied and thinks every noise she hears is Boo.

Chapter 7- Jem goes back for his pants expecting to find them in a mess where he left thme but to his surprise he found them sewn back together folded neatly on the fence as if someone was expecting him. They begin to take things from the hole in the tree regulary on their way homem, one day they see Mr Radley putting cement in the hole. Jme cried from the loss of communication to Boo.

Chapter 8- It's winter and Scout and Jem make a snowman, there is not enough white snow to build one so they make the majority of it out of brown mud. They make it look like Mr Avery, Atticus tells them to change it. That night a fire breask out in Mrs Maudie's house, the children…


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