7. Miracles: Modern people and miracles

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  • 7. Miracles: Modern people and miracles
    • Tillich - contingency miracles
      • Miracles are signs pointing to God, so they must be interpreted to find the significance.
      • The understanding of the miracle is more important than the existence of the miracle
    • Criticisms
      • Where do we draw the line? Any lack of knowledge may lead a person to interpret something as a miracle, where it may bee purely scientific (e.g. Aurora Borealis)
      • Events are only miraculous insofar as we interpret them to be, so mundane events can be seen to be miraculous
      • Response
        • A true miracle reveals something about the nature of God
        • The person knows what has been revealed to them
    • Criticism
      • There is no way of verifying if someone is being genuine
      • Response
        • It only matters to the individual if they believe it is real or not, as it is them interpreting the significance
        • Just because it may be unverifiable, it does not mean that it is not a genuine revelation


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