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Chapter 3


Definitions of miracle
The word comes from Latin miraculum, meaning `wonder'
Many different definitions
o Can mean something extraordinary which has been brought around by
God for a particular reason
Steven Evans: `Obviously the miracles of a religion such as Christianity are
not merely bizarre events…

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brakes are applied automatically, leaving the train to stop feet away from the

Biblical evidence of miracles:
`I believe in miracles
Where you from?
You sexy thing!
I believe in miracles
Since you came along
You sexy thing! `
(Hot Chocolate)

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Died in 1997, followers…

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by two nuns, prayers were said and Mrs. Besra's tumour
was cured
o Tumour was tubercular
Cured by antitubercular drugs, no reason to
attribute to MT
o MT had worked so much for the poor and attracted
attention of the world to the Christian message and so
God was…

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Hume's rejection of miracle

Miracles are by definition beyond the realms of reasonable belief
o No sensible person could seriously believe that a miracle had happened when
other interpretations are far more likely
Wise and sensible people form their beliefs based on evidence
A sensible belief will be proportioned to…

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o People have a natural tendency to look for marvelous events to believe in the
supernatural and paranormal
This may colour interpretations of events
o There are no wellsupported cases where miracles had been witnesses by a
suitable number of reliable people
o Different miracle stories from different religious tradition…

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Maurice Wiles and miracles

His book `God's action in the World' he wanted to explain how God could be seen as
taking part in the affairs of people and showing concern for events of history though in a
way that made sense to modern people rather than first century people…

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