Production methods

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  • 5.1 Production methods
    • methods of production
      • job production
        • The production of one off items to meet the needs of each individual customer
          • Cheap and easy to set up, but more expensive to produce; often a specialist service; time consuming to produce; meet specific needs of customers.
      • batch production
        • Identical items are produced in groups, each item passing through the production process at the same time.
          • Allows for cheaper and quicker production of individual items; more uniform products; variation can be achieved in different batches.
    • Operational efficiency
      • making the best use of inputs to achieve a given output
        • lower costs; better quality; increase capacity; lower wastage.
      • A firm can increase efficiency by; staff training, improved procedures, specialisation, reduced wastage and improved motivation
    • Technology can improve efficiency and reduce costs
      • computers and machinery: robots, CAD/CAM, computerised stock control, communication technology.
    • Quality issues
      • quality will depend on customer expectations of the product
      • quality can be achieved through
        • quality control
          • Checking the product at the end of the production process before it is delivered to the customer
        • Quality assurance
          • Checking the product at each stage of the production process


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